Winthrop is proud to house retail and services for the whole family (four-legged friends included!) and we strive to provide the basic stores and services most needed on an every day basis.

Winthrop strives to have the most convenient services within walking distance to its residents and provides plenty of parking for the many visitors who stop by daily. From three banks to our bike repair shop to our local seamstress. We're always adding new businesses and services as well. Be on the lookout for a pediatric dentist very soon! 

Winthrop prides itself on having an eclectic mix of businesses, including well-respected brands, as well as independent "mom and pop" shops. Winthrop also strives to contain everything you might need in your daily life, from our wonderful supermarket, to banks, to an award-winning salon. 

And we're always looking for new businesses and services for our community. Contact Cindy Manchesi if you're interested in bringing your concept to Winthrop!