LIFE, a Wellness Building is the newest project at Winthrop, and the most exciting one to date. The building will house like-minded practitioners dedicated to healing the body, mind, and soul of each individual who walks through the doors. 

The mission of LIFE is simple: to provide affordable, holistic care to all who seek it. An innovative aspect of this center will be the wellness concierge who will help guide you through the building's many offerings. Whether you are coming in for a doctor's appointment, to have massage or accupuncture session, or just to have a healthy organic smoothie, the concierge will be there to assist you. 

LIFE will focus on the following elements:

- Personalized and holistic care at an affordable price

- Preventive care

- Organic and fair-trade products

- Community spaces - a shared space to cultivate our collective consciousness

- Cooperative aspects for the practitioners. Some resources are shared to reduce costs for all

The LIFE building design is currently underway. We are seeking like-minded practitioners to join this movement. Contact us today if you are interested in bringing your practice to this innovative space! We are currently looking for practitioners experienced in the following areas:




Ayurvedic Medicine



Exercise of all kinds

Functional Medicine

Healthy cooking


Integrative Medicine



Music Therapy

Naturopathic Medicine

Nutritional Counseling

Personal Training

Physical Therapy


Relaxation Therapy


Sleep Health

Smoking Cessation 

Stress Management

Tai Chi

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Weight Loss

Workplace Wellness