Winthrop: Building a tradition of community.


In an age not long past, people lived in communities that connected them to the fabric of life, where they worked, learned, and relaxed. Where they shopped and went to dine were all located within short distances of their homes. Community and connection were strengthened by the intimacy of commerce set forth by the traditional marketplace.

Winthrop offers not only the shopping needs of daily life but all of the needs, such as medical, education, events, and housing of all types. Winthrop brings an urban sensibility and infuses community back to the suburban life. 



Delectable Dining

Winthrop boasts ten delicious eateries! 

Beautiful Apartments

A new block of apartments will be opening soon!

Events & Culture

Winthrop is proud to put the arts front and center!


“We're building an authentic community where people can put down roots.” - Kay Sullivan, Co-Founder, Winthrop